Why make a kids’ puzzle out of great works of art?


Pianist & Checker Players by Henri Matisse
Matisse Fine Art Puzzle Pieces

Our first project, the Fine Art Puzzle, was developed to bring fine art to very young children who might not ordinarily get much exposure in school or at the occasional museum trip. Children spend so much time in front of licensed character images, and there is nothing wrong with the characters, but we believe it is never too early to broaden your child’s horizons.

Why make a kids’ puzzle out of great works of art?

1. The process of doing a puzzle encourages your child to slow down and notice more about the picture and become familiar with the artist’s style and technique.

2. The experience of looking at a new work of art can lead to an interest in that genre of art, or questions about the historical time period, or a desire to create one’s own unique composition drawing on the picture for inspiration.

3. We believe that exposure to different art and ideas will make a child more creative. Creativity is aided by references (that is, ideas you have been exposed to in the past), and if your references are the same as everyone else’s, then the ideas your brain generates are likely to be similar to everyone else’s. However, by exposing yourself to references you wouldn’t otherwise have, you give your brain new input and new sources for future creative ideas.

4. We believe exposure to the great masterpieces will enhance a child’s aesthetic sensibilities. Appropriate fine art exposure for the very young child is most conveniently provided in their books, puzzles, and toys. As Susan Striker, art educator has pointed out: “Since many children will look at picture books long before they are exposed to art in any other format, it is crucial for the quality of the illustrations to be outstanding and the stories compelling. Great books can inspire early art activities and set high aesthetic standards.” [Young at Art, Susan Striker page 120, Henry Holt & Co, 2001] We think this holds true for puzzles and other toys as well.

At Amazing WIZ Kids, we offer several different fine art puzzles along with free printable Coloring Pages of 3 well known Van Gogh paintings:  Irises, Bedroom at Arles, and Church at Auvers.