Spectrix Card Game


 Fast Paced Card Game

  •  Creative Child Magazine Preferred Choice AwardWinner
  • Tillywig Toy Brain Child Award Winner
  • Family Review Center Award Winner

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 Spectrix is a classic card game designed for color lovers of all ages

  • Spectrix™ is a colorful take on the game of Rummy, played in multiple fast paced rounds. The object is to be the first player to get rid of all of the cards in your hand by placing them into color sequences based on the order of colors on the Spectrix™ guide card or into collections of the same color. Players who are left with cards at the end of each round are given points.  Players who reach 100 points or more are eliminated from the game.
  • Can also be played as a color memory game or as color flash cards for the youngest color lovers

How to Play

Game Includes:

96 Spectrix Cards
6 Spectrix Guide Cards
Illustrated Rules.

Adaptive play:

Play for time instead of reaching 100 points helps set expectations
Rationale: there can be a “winner” without having a “loser” who stops the game
Children respond well to understanding the game’s time duration
This helps therapists, who usually do not have enough contact time per session with children to play to 100 points
Separate 2 of each of the 12 colors and play “color match” or “memory”

Use the cards as color flash cards

Download Adaptive Play


Funnybone Toys 3 games Spectrix Cubu & Array boxes - at AmazingWizKids.com
Funnybone Toys 3 games Spectrix Cubu & Array boxes – at AmazingWizKids.com

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