! Escape Medusa’s Rage



Be the first to escape the Cyclops and get to the castle to win the treasure – but don’t get turned to stone by Medusa!  

Does your child hate math class?  Is your child struggling with math?

Give them Escape Medusa’s Rage and they’ll discover how negative numbers work  – while having fun.  Because there’s no such thing as a “math person”: math is a skill learned by making mistakes, practicing, and, we believe – having fun!  With our game…

        Kids teach themselves how positive + negative numbers work – intuitively while playing a game

        Kids internalize how the number line works and strengthen their mathematical and spatial skills

        Kids won’t know or care that they’re learning, they’re only playing for fun       How to Play – Video

The best way for kids to learn anything is through play. Research shows that kids want to play a game well because they are motivated to win. To win, they must teach themselves how to play successfully.  And when that win demands math skills they learn them simultaneously.   Get your child learning negative numbers today with Escape Medusa’s Rage.

What are others saying about Escape Medusa’s Rage (formerly called Creature Quest)….

    Get your kids learning negative numbers with enthusiasm by playing Escape Medusa’s Rage today!

Kids learn very quickly how negative numbers work when they get to play with them in the context of a game, because they see how to use them to get to their goal. Without drills or lectures, kids internalize negative number sense while having fun.  Kids won’t realize it, but while they’re playing, they’re learning the fundamentals of positive and negative numbers.  And what they learn today will be crucial to whether they excel or struggle tomorrow.

Having kids play a simple game using negative numbers now helps them internalize the concept so that by the time they encounter them in a math class, they’re primed to understand them (no pun intended).  Negative numbers represent students’ first experience with abstract math – and they’re essential for high school level math.  Give your kid a head start by introducing them with Escape Medusa’s Rage today.

Box contains: 50+ cards, game board, 6 pawns, dice, & short directions.  Color of card new backs will be light blue.


How does playing Escape Medusa’s Rage help kids learn about negative numbers?

Why are negative numbers – and number sense – so important?

The Story Behind the Game

Kids learn best when playing a game

Escape Medusa's Rage formerly known as Creature Quest boardgame by Amazing Wiz Kids

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Weight 29 oz
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