Creature Quest: The Game that Teaches Kids Positive + Negative Numbers While They Play


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Is your child bored with math?  Give them Creature Quest and have them discover how negative numbers work while playing

         Creature Quest teaches kids how positive + negative numbers work

         Helps build and an understanding of the number line along with your child’s  spatial skills

         Comes with over 50 cards, pawns, die, board, and short directions

         Ages 4 & up

The best way for kids to learn anything is through play. Research shows that kids want to play a game well because they are motivated to win. To win, they must teach themselves how to play successfully.  And when that win demands math skills they learn math simultaneously.   


Kids learn very quickly how negative numbers work when they get to play with them in the context of a game, because they see how to use them to get to their goal. Without drills or lectures, kids internalize negative number sense while having fun. Kids won’t realize it, but while they’re playing, they’re learning the fundamentals of positive and negative numbers. And, what they learn today will be crucial to whether they excel or struggle tomorrow.

Having kids play a simple game using negative numbers helps them internalize the concept through play so that, by the time they encounter them in a math class, they are primed to understand them. Negative numbers represent students’ first experience with abstract math – and are essential for high school level math. Why not ease the kids’ journey into this new area by introducing them with a fun game?

How do kids learn negative numbers playing Creature Quest?

Why are negative numbers – and number sense – so important?

 How Creature Quest was born….

Kids learn best when playing a game





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Weight 29 oz
Dimensions 11.875 x 9.4375 x 2.19 in


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