Array Card Game


Array is an exciting card game that prompts players to match colors like dominoes. But there’s a twist: players can split the color connections and start new color arrays to use more of their cards and win the game. Additional cards can give you a winning advantage.

Award Winner, Creative Child Magazine Preferred Choice Award 2012 Award Winner, Tillywig Brainchild Award Award Winner, Family Review Center Gold Award Winner

Award Winner, 2012 Mr. Seal of Approval


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Array is a game where players compete to place the highest number of multi color cards into connecting patterns. Special slice and splice moves enable more cards to be played in each turn.
Action cards allow players to shake up the game by following instructions to Splatter and Slam their opponents (to give more cards & points).   Connect the cards to build a beautiful array of colors.

How to Play




Game Includes:

70 Array cards

12 Action cards

Illustrated rules


Adaptive Play

When first playing the game, use only the cards divided in 2 colors

Rationale: Players on the autism spectrum frequently find it more “aesthetically logical” than trying to plug in 1/3 card to 1/2 or 1/4 card; it looks more orderly.
With increased comfort level, add the other 3- and 4-color cards

Eliminate the “Splatter” and “Slam” cards for some players. Down Syndrome players in particular often do not enjoy the “punishment” aspect of “Slamming” or “Splattering” another player
Play for time instead of reaching 100 points helps set expectations
Rationale: there can be a “winner” without having a “loser” who stops the game
Children respond well to understanding the game’s time duration
This helps therapists, who usually do not have enough contact time per session with children to play to 100 points

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