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Celebrate all the special memories of your child’s life — and create new ones — while making a personalized, environmentally friendly scrapbook! Eco Crafts Scrapbook includes all the materials you’ll need to design and decorate a colorful, visually inspiring scrapbook.

Fill all the pages of this hardcover, spiral notebook with photos, stickers, drawings, wooden buttons, string, colorful ribbons and more. Use cardboard paper frames to highlight photographs and use the letter stickers to call out special moments and names.

So much fun for a family to create together!

Includes over 300 pieces, zig zag scissors, stickers, paper shapes and frames, printed paper, buttons, craft sticks, glue stick, ribbons, twine cords and easy to follow instructions.

  • 380-piece scrapbook set includes 6 colored pencils, zig zag scissors, 330 stickers, paper shapes and frames, 8 printed papers, 6 wooden buttons, 3 craft sticks, glue stick, 3 ribbons, 2 twine cords and easy instructions.
  • Recycled Paperboard, Wood, Twine
  • 40-page hardcover book measures 10” x 10” (24.5cm x 24.5cm)

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Alex Toys Eco Crafts Scrapbook kid playing
Alex Toys Eco Crafts Scrapbook kid playing

Additional information

Weight 32 oz
Dimensions 12 x 12 x 2 in


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