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Are you looking for a unique toy that will stimulate your child’s imagination? 

Are you looking for STEM toys to encourage an interest in technology – or just avoid boredom in math?


Amazing WIZ Kids creates unique educational toys for children. We seek to provide wonderful things that can’t be found elsewhere (although we curate other great learning toys here). We believe there is no greater investment than your child’s education. And a great learning toy is an investment in your child’s future.

Play is very important to a child’s development. As the Chinese philosopher Confucius once said,

“I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand”.

Learning by doing benefits any child, regardless of learning style (visual, auditory, verbal, kinesthetic).

Our latest project, Escape Medusa’s Rage, is a board game that teaches kids how positive and negative numbers work.  Kids can open the box and start playing immediately.  As they play, they quickly catch on to the concept, which is an all-important link to the abstract math they will need to understand in high school.  How this game came about…

Escape Medusa’s Rage, the game that helps kids learn how negative numbers work – by Amazing Wiz Kids

Our first project, the Fine Art Puzzle, was developed to bring fine art to very young children who might not ordinarily get much exposure in school or at the occasional museum trip. Children spend so much time in front of licensed character images, and there is nothing wrong with the characters, but we believe it is never too early to broaden your child’s horizons.

At Amazing WIZ Kids, we plan to continue adding exciting learning toys that can’t be found elsewhere. We also feature superior brands such as Illustory, Goldiblocks, and Alex Toys.  Check our site frequently for new things and contact us any time.

Skippity Board Game with Playing Pieces
Skippity, the strategy game that teaches logical thinking








Suzanne Player, the founder and Managing Director of Amazing WIZ Kids, is a former practicing attorney with a strong interest in education and the arts. She has over 10 years of experience in sales and marketing with a strong record of high quality customer service. She also writes about the most important education topics on our Blog, and posts about learning and education at Twitter: @AmazingWIZKids and @EscapeMedusa.

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Escape Medusa’s Ragenew board game for kids!

Kids can learn how negative numbers work - while having fun - with Creature Quest by Amazing Wiz kids
Kids can learn how negative numbers work – while having fun – with Escape Medusa’s Rage by Amazing Wiz kids